Trying not to have a riot in Oakland

Interesting afternoon here in Oakland after this morning’s Jazz shootaround. While exiting the parking garage, I noticed a couple dozen police officers meeting. As I drove a couple of blocks away from the Jazz’s hotel, I saw more cops and media types along with multiple shops and banks with their windows boarded up.

While there is an Oakland Raiders home game at the Coliseum this Sunday, the big build up was not for that. There are fears of violent protests over a controversial court sentencing over a lethal police shooting from two years ago. Here’s a bit more info on that.

Oracle Arena is several miles away from downtown, so it’s unlikely any potential protests would affect tonight’s game like the Rodney King riots did when the Jazz were in Los Angeles to play the Clippers in the playoffs back in 1991.

Surreal stuff.

This photo, which should make all pillars and shopping carts in Oakland shiver in fear, was taken before the sentencing came out. It just makes me wonder the background story.

Heeding the advice of locals, I’ve now made my way out of the downtown area.

I kinda figured this might be an interesting trip when a man approached me as I entered a convenience store after arriving in Oakland last night. He promised not to hurt me, then asked for a hot meal.


An reader shared reasons why the Jazz are “fantastically average” with the site’s basketball blog, TrueHoop:

– They have two wins. They have two losses.
– They have won one game at home. They have lost one game at home.
– They have won one game on the road. They have lost one game on the road.
– They have won one game in their division. They have lost one game in their division.
– They have scored 106.8 points per game. They have allowed 106.8 points per game.

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