3-point shots: Jazz lose to Lakers

Overtime observations from the Jazz’s overtime loss to the Lakers:

POINT 1: Al Jefferson has missed 26 of his 33 shots against the Lakers in two games. That’s bordering on the Mendoza line (.212 percentage).
Seven-footer Andrew Bynum didn’t play in the first one, but he was the one who stuffed Big Al (yes, literally) this time around.
“They defended me really good tonight,” Jefferson said. “And it got to the point where I didn’t want to take shots anymore and just get the ball to my teammates.”
Bynum, the leading All-Star starter vote-getter among Western Conference centers, was held to 12 points and nine rebounds. But his defense on Big Al – keeping him in front of him instead of favoring his left shoulder – earned postgame praise from Jefferson and his coach.
“Andrew was good too. He kind of made up his own coverage on Al. We kept trying to tell him to get out of it, but he wouldn’t listen to us,” Lakers coach Mike Brown said. “Whatever he did worked. So, I may add it to my defensive playbook. May just call it the Bynum package or something like that. You’re not going to stop a guy like Jefferson. You just hope you can make him work.”
POINT 2: Another strong outing by the Jazz’s bench overall, with Utah’s subs outscoring the Lakers’ 35-11. Josh Howard again led the way for the Jazz with 18 points, including his first two 3-pointers of the season.
Young bigs Derrick Favors (12 minutes) and Enes Kanter (9:41) saw less time than usual.
POINT 3: Former Jazz guard Derek Fisher had a quiet night, but it’s obvious he’s still unpopular for ending up with the Lakers. He did end up with a game-high seven assists and another team W.
Fisher on his return to Utah:
“Emotionally, at least, it’s gotten easier. In terms of the game, it’s always tough to get a win in this building,” Fisher said. “But, emotionally, each year that has gone by it’s gotten a little bit easier and more comforting to come back.
“It’s something that will always be with me and I’ll never forget, but life has moved on.”

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