Welcome to … Jazzland!

Exciting times today in the blogosphere with the unveiling of (drum roll) … oh, wait … so much for the drama. Somebody already put the name up there in the header AND in the headline. Well, welcome to Jazzland anyway. And my apologies if you ended up here thinking this was the similarly named site for the old amusement park near New Orleans or if you were looking to get jazzed up by Louis Armstrong.

This is our revamped Utah Jazz blog — a casual-Friday-like place to get entertained and enlightened with extra insight, interesting info, creative takes, sarcasm and fun, exciting (and not-so-exciting) travel adventures and so much more (until my wife and/or boss tell me to do something more productive with my time).

This has been the general reaction about Jazzland (and it’s all the celebrating my budget would allow for despite this festive occasion):

Karl Malone, Jeff Hornacek, John Stockton and Greg Foster go bananas upon hearing that the Deseret News has a new blog for Utah's NBA team called "Jazzland." (AP photo)

Karl Malone, Jeff Hornacek, John Stockton and Greg Foster go bananas upon hearing that the Deseret News has a new blog for Utah's NBA team called "Jazzland." (AP photo)

So, why Jazzland? The first part is obvious. I didn’t think Wizland, Warriorland or Lakerland would go over too well with Jazz fans. Jimmerland maybe. It’s also a hat tip to all the other fill-in-the-blank-lands out there: Disneyland, Newfoundland, wasteland, McDonald’s Playland and, yes, even Grantland (the site of that ESPN sports dude who once ripped on an article I wrote and mentioned our fine publication as “something called the Deseret News,” which is as big of a claim to fame as I have at this juncture of my life).

Other blog titles brainstormed:

  • Jazz Central (But it kinda sounds like a bank.)
  • Jazz Nation (Reminded this Steelers fan too much of the Raiders.)
  • Jazzmania (Not bad, but put an “immer” where the … uh, never mind.)
  • Jazzed (More jazzed about Jazzland than this one.)
  • Deseret News Jazz blog (To quote Homer Simpson: “D’oh!” Oops. I mean: “Boring!”)

Lastly, the rejected ideas:

  • DJJazzyJody & The Fresh Print (OK. I kinda liked this.)
  • The Jazz Zinger (Team on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise.)
  • Kicking Jazz (And taking names.)
  • Smart Jazz (Better than a Dumb Jazz, right?)
  • Smooth Jazz (Kenny G would’ve played automatically upon entering the site.)
  • Jazzercise with Jody (Picture me in a Jane Fonda leotard — HA! Now try to get that image out of your brain.)
  • Jazz Bandwidth (Cyber humor. Sorry, the joke was funnier in html mode.)
  • Jazz for Humans (Remember that Jazz for Cows thing?)
  • Where Underpaid Jody Writes Even More Jazz Stuff At A Bargain Rate (Funny cause it’s true!)
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Jody Genessy is the Utah Jazz beat writer for the Deseret News. To answer some of your questions: 1) Yes, he travels everywhere the Jazz do. 2) No, he doesn't fly on the team charter. 3) No, he can't sneak you into the game, let you take notes for him or get you tickets (sorry, Mom). 4) Yes, he realizes that other people out there have to work for a living so he's a lucky dude. 5) Yes, he usually answers questions in the third person.


    • Jody Genessy

      Diana! Thanks for your kind words. And you are the first to leave a comment at Jazzland. It’s history in the making! Some day you will be part of a trivia question.

  1. Todd Mintz

    This will help even enhance your growing reputation. Good Luck Jody with this opportunity I am sure you will take it and run with it.