3-point shots: Jamaal, Smart-ALeck and Groundhog Day

Extra observations from Jamaal Tinsley Flashback Night (a.k.a. Golden State 119, Utah 101):

POINT 1: Tinsley has been a pro since signing a nonguaranteed deal in December. He speaks up in the locker room and helps teammates on the bench despite seeing less time on the court than the Jazz Dancers. Though the circumstances were crummy — with both Devin Harris and Earl Watson being injured — it was nice to see Tinsley get a chance to dish out assists instead of just good advice on the sideline.

Thirteen assists later, it was evident that Tinsley can still pass.

“He had some pretty amazing plays, especially that one over the head play to Al (Jefferson),” Jazz swingman Gordon Hayward said. “It’s tough when both our point guards just go down on the same night and he’s expected come in and perform.

“I thought he did a great job running the team. He did a great job running the offense. It’s tough. It was tough for the whole team.”

Funny part for Hayward, he was a fan of the Indiana Pacers while Tinsley played with Reggie Miller & Co.

POINT 2: Al “The Quote Machine” Jefferson went into grumpy, smart-alecky athlete mode when I asked what exactly happened in the third quarter when a tied game turned into an 11-point Warriors’ lead in a couple of minutes.

Jefferson: “The team scored more points than we did.”

Me, hoping for more incredible insight like that: “What led to that?”

Jefferson: “I’d rather not say.”

Thankfully, he did start talking after that.

“They played harder (than) us getting to the loose ball, outhustling us for the most part. We’ve got to give them credit. They came to play.”

Jefferson tried to shake off the loss as “just one game,” and the Jazz clearly felt the after-effects of the tough 107-105 loss to the Clippers the night before and not having three key players (Harris, Watson and Raja Bell).

“They took advantage of it,” Jefferson said. “We didn’t really get into our offensive set. The defense, they beat us on the board. They beat us to the loose ball. They just outhustled us, man. Like I say, give them credit.”

The Warriors especially deserve credit for the scoring-more-points-than-the-Jazz-did part.

POINT 3: The Warriors’ PR staff doesn’t just take care of visiting media. The fine folks from Oakland spoil us. Here’s one of the things I appreciated from the in-depth stats/info they provided Thursday:

By The Numbers (highlights):

  • 92 combined double-doubles for David Lee (47) and Al Jefferson (45) since both joined their current teams in 2010-11.
  • 11 seconds remaining when Gordon Hayward hit the game-winning free throw in the first meeting between these two clubs this season on January 7, an 88-87 road win for the Jazz.
  • 6 more weeks of winter, as predicted by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day today. (This one cracked me up.)
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