Jody and his camera phone journey into New York City’s Super Bowl After-Party

Hey, New York. Your football team just won the championship. Where are you going to go?

Why, Times Square, of course!

I figured that’s where New Yorkers would go after beating Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, and I was right. In NYC for Monday’s Jazz-Knicks game, here are a few pictures I took while embedding myself amongst the city-bound celebrators for journalistic purposes:


This is what the Empire State Building looks like when it’s celebrating a Super Bowl victory. Wonder if the LDS Church Office Building will light up in Utah Jazz green, yellow and blue when SLC’s NBA team wins its first title.


A sure sign your city’s wild party has gone to the dogs.

A big crowd of happy people, some even aware a football game was played Sunday, gather in NYC. All sorts of chants broke out, a few even celebrating the Giants’ win instead of simply trashing the city of Boston and Tom Brady. My personal favorite: “U-S-A!” My least favorite: Ha. My boss, my mom or my wife would find out and I’d get in trouble.


This is how people from Down Under roll after American Rules Football. If you didn’t recognize him, this is Shep from Australia.




Now I feel silly. I forgot to ask Shep’s mate Ed if this is an Australian or American football.




Don’t worry. No wardrobe malfunctions occurred while I took a photo of this massive ad on a building. How timely to have Janet Jackson on display for Super Bowl Sunday.







This guy drove his car quickly through Times Square, hit the brakes and spun out. He then got out, did a funky victory dance and was soon joined by about 10 of New York City’s finest.





This is what a street sign looks like in New York City on Super Bowl Night. You’re welcome.






Jose got an early edition newspaper. I know his name’s Jose because his friend said “Jose!” and he turned around and posed for a photo for me even though I wasn’t taking pictures at the time. Ah, what the heck. I’m just happy somebody bought an actual newspaper.





Guess this settles it: The Giants are a Mickey Mouse team. Now, if you’ll excuse the leader of the pack, he’s got a Super Bowl party to host at Disneyland.



These guys were really happy, carrying a flag, hooting and hollering and holding up their foam fingers with pride. Couldn’t resist taking a pic.



Adam from Manhattan — a long-lost Manning brother — and I couldn’t be more thrilled to do a celebratory grip-and-grin with the Super Aluminum Bowl Championship Trophy.

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Jody Genessy

Jody Genessy is the Utah Jazz beat writer for the Deseret News. To answer some of your questions: 1) Yes, he travels everywhere the Jazz do. 2) No, he doesn't fly on the team charter. 3) No, he can't sneak you into the game, let you take notes for him or get you tickets (sorry, Mom). 4) Yes, he realizes that other people out there have to work for a living so he's a lucky dude. 5) Yes, he usually answers questions in the third person.


  1. Fun stuff!

    Times Square is generally 99% tourists, other than fast-walking NYers who are working or trying to leave that part of Manhattan, so that was probably a mix of real NYers, Jersey people who were headed back home soon, and tourists who were happy to feel involved

    • Jody Genessy

      Thanks, Jeff. Good points about Times Square. There were some definite New York-flavored chants and lots of Giants jerseys, so I think this became the gathering spot last night. This Steelers fan even had a blast there!

  2. Todd from Garden Grove

    Jody what timing. Proud dog, ingenious. Great stuff way to get in the middle of all the hot action

    • Jody Genessy

      Thanks, Todd. It was pretty crazy, and I love having fun with this kind of stuff…made for a long night, though – especially because our hotel’s fire alarms went off beginning in the 7 or 8 o’clock hour!

  3. Todd from Garden Grove

    Jody did you at least take advantage of this to go for a good Jewish Deli or have Smoked Salmon and A Bagel?

    • Jody Genessy

      I’m about to head out and take a bite out of the Big Apple right now! Good suggestions…thanks, Todd.