Utah Jazz locker room talk: Bemoaning the Big Egg in the Big Easy

From Earl Watson’s “simply beyond disappointing” comment to Al Jefferson’s “We should be ashamed of ourselves” quote, the Utah Jazz had plenty to say about their 86-80 loss to a now-five-win New Orleans team Monday night (click for game story).

First, here is some telling and damning insight that’s worth repeating from Jazz backup guard Earl Watson (click for notebook):

“Games like this don’t just happen overnight. You don’t just come into a game and lose like this. It builds up. … You try to avoid it, but eventually it catches up with you.”

Added Watson: “You can’t cheat (this game) with a lack of energy, lack of effort. You can talk a good game, but your play defines how you really feel and what you really think and what your heart really says. It’s easy to say a lot of things, but how you play defines a lot. Talking is just words.”

To give a feel of the Jazz’s sour and dour locker room — a night after a jubilant room following a big win over Memphis — here are more quotes that didn’t see the light of print from the unsettling upset (P.S. After you’re done reading this, some more Jazz thoughts here):


• “It was everything I thought it wouldn’t be. We came out flat right from the beginning of the ballgame, turned the ball over the first three possessions of the game. We relaxed. We just thought we could show up and win the ballgame.”

• “There’s no excuse. You’ve got to come out and play. … We can’t think we can turn it on anytime.”


• “It’s disappointing. We came out a little flat. We gave them confidence early on. They ran good stuff and they made shots. They’re fully capable. Their young guys came in and stepped up. We were kind of lethargic tonight.”


• “I would say surprised. I don’t really know what happened. I don’t know. I can’t put that into words.”

• “We turned the ball over. That pesky zone popped up and threw us for a loop as it always does. Other than that, they played hard. They were obviously playing harder than we were for a while.”

• “In the second half, it was obvious that our heads weren’t into it. We were throwing the ball all over the gym, just doing things that were pretty uncharacteristic of us. Our sets were awful. Our offense was terrible.”

• “We had nothing going on. They just beat us up. They beat us to every loose ball. They beat us to every rebound. They had us pushed around all over the floor trying to get into the offense. They did whatever they wanted to do offensively. It was ugly.”


• “The second group came in and played well for us in the end. The starters, we’ve just got to do better.”

• “They wanted it more than we did and we didn’t do a good job. We didn’t help each other. We didn’t talk. We gave up. It’s easy to just blame things on the referees or whoever we want to point fingers at. But at the end of the day, we were the ones who were out there playing, and we just didn’t do it.”

• “Most definitely it’s fixable. (But) you can’t take one step forward and two steps back. … I think we just walked out there thinking it was going to be a walk in the park.”

• On today’s game (6 p.m., ROOT) at Oklahoma City: “We’re not going to walk in there thinking we’re just going to lose. New Orleans didn’t walk in (Monday) thinking they were going to lose to us. So we’ve got to go out there and play a lot better than we played (Monday), I know that, to put ourselves in a position to win games.”

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