Harris’ heave: perfect pass or lucky shot?

The Jazz’s incredible finish Thursday night was capped by Devin Harris and Al Jefferson hooking up on a perfectly executed lob … or some good-old-fashioned luck.

Watch the video, and you decide: Pass or shot?

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Just how it was drawn up, right?

“Devin said it was a great pass,” Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin said. “So that’s how it was supposed to go.”

Corbin said that with a sly grin, by the way.

Either way, Jefferson did an outstanding job of initially helping Harris break free and then getting to the right spot where things happened — on purpose or by accident — in a magical manner for the Jazz.

“Another case of understanding time and point in the game, and following the play,” Corbin said. “When he set the pin down for Devin as Devin came off he went right for the basket and Devin did a great job throwing it at the rim. Maybe he saw Al, but it was a great pass for the finish.”

Harris not only made the assist, but he also convinced Jefferson that it was indeed a pass.

“It was just drawn up to get the ball (inbounds) and go to work and that’s we did,” Jefferson said. “Devin made a hell of a pass, and we got a great shot up.”

The reason it worked so well was that Kings center DeMarcus Cousins — apparently Harris’ new nemesis — came out to double team the Jazz point guard. That left Big Al very, um, wide open.

“I was butt naked and I wondered did he see me,” the still-clothed Jefferson said, describing how wide open he was underneath. “We only had four seconds, but he got it up there. In some kind of way, he threw it up there and I got it.”

Added Harris: “Pass, of course. Once I saw Cousins step up, I just tried to get it to Al any kind of way I could. He made a great play and put it in.”

And my opinion? As Jazz fan Max Change pointed out, I tweeted, “AL-ey oop! WOW!” after it happened, so it had to have been a pass, right?

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  1. Max Chang

    Your tweet at the time was “alley oop!!” as I recall so it definitely was a pass!

    • Ioana

      I’m not quite ready to join the Deron Williams apologists club. I’m thkniing something particularly ugly must have happened for Sloan to punch out in the middle of the season right after an uglier loss. Sloan’s never struck me as one to consider quitting in mid-season unless something significant happened, or developed.

  2. Bobby

    You have to love Ron Boone and his comments. Every now and then he slips somethings good into his broadcasting but usually he’s providing at least one ridiculous comment per game.

    Have you ever thought that Devin Harris looks like Ludacris? I blogged about it at http://www.jazznation.net so check it out. Also, is anyone curious what Cousins meant by Harris being an issue that he (Cousins) can solve??