I work for The People, Coach. Or was it TMZ? Or the Emperor?

This morning at Jazz shootaround, I asked Tyrone Corbin about the possible lineup change for Game 4 that he had mentioned at Sunday’s practice. The Jazz coach responded, “We’ll probably make a change.”

But Corbin didn’t reveal what that probable lineup change would be, so I asked a follow-up and asked if Derrick Favors would start.

Corbin, sorta smiling but not wanting to go there: “Who you working for?”

Me, sorta searching for an answer: “Sports Illustrated.”

While I was then teased about wanting to work for the swimsuit issue by a certain funny man who does TV (Ch. 2) and radio (KFAN) in the market, Corbin revealed just a little bit more even if reluctantly. Guess that shows the power of having Sports Illustrated as your employer (even if imaginary).

“We’ll probably go bigger,” Corbin said. “We’ll probably go with the bigger lineup tonight to start the game. We’ll see.”

That bigger lineup includes Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Favors. (Click here to read more about that change.)

On Twitter, I joked that I probably should have responded “The People” when Corbin asked who I work for. I could’ve really made him anxious had I answered “The Spurs.”

Some funny people then gave their suggestions on Twitter:

  • TMZ (@ColbySpradlin)
  • NOT ESPN (@surlymae)
  • The Galactic Empire (@TDAWGCOUG)
  • Jerry Sloan (@starkadidas)
  • A Big and Tall store (@chang_max)
  • The Onion (@ColbySpradlin)

Hmmm. With the long offseason coming up soon, who knows, maybe I’ll consider some of those for a summer job. Wonder what Emperor Palpatine pays anyway?

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