Documentary highlights Derrick Favors’ ‘beastly’ training process

If you’re a Utah Jazz fan, by now you’ve probably heard about the P3 facility in Santa Barbara, Calif. It’s a high-tech performance lab that has a relationship with the Jazz. This past offseason, for instance, 12 Jazz players spent time at the workout center fine-tuning their bodies and getting into tip-top shape.

By now, you’ve probably also heard of Derrick Favors.

One of YouTube’s original sports network, The NOC, combined those two entities for a project that is now being launched. Their formula goes something like this:

Derrick Favors’ training routine + P3 lab/personnel insight = Fascinating documentary.

The trailer of this eight-part series, “Training Days,” includes this quote from Favors:

“I’m making a lot of progress. Every time I step onto the court when I can feel the difference, I can see the difference, that’s what motivates me every day to give 110 percent.”

The videos, which feature a special guest appearance by Kyle Korver, show Favors exercising but also offer expertise by P3 founder and developer, Dr. Marcus Elliott. His summarization of the P3 process:

“We bring these guys in and we test them really hard. We develop targets and then we work cooperatively to go build better, healthier and more beastly athletes like Derrick’s becoming.”

In the videos, Elliott explains that P3 aims to break down core movements that players use in their specific sports and positions. They use advanced technology to retrieve data from 250 critical points.

Once they know how an athlete moves — and every movement is tracked — P3’s team gets to work. With acquired data, the biomechanists, trainers, statistic gurus and “smart people,” as Elliott called them, build a specific program to help the player work on improving “holes” that include weaknesses in their play and injury tendencies.

Oh yeah, they also work the heck out of the athletes during their two-hour sessions.

(In case my bosses ask, I didn’t realize these videos began with commercials that are anti-Mitt Romney and pro-Jack Daniel’s.)

The trailer:

Part 1: Warm-up

Part 2: Extended warm-up

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