Big Al, BIG bed, not-so-big TV

Remember that funny story about Big Al’s big bed?

Yeah, of course you do. My wife does, too.┬áThe biggest thing she got out of that silliness about Jefferson’s 10-foot-by-12-foot kingdom-sized bed was that our queen-sized mattress set is about two sizes too small.

I couldn’t resist poking fun at Jefferson by making a veiled reference to the bed at the end of our interview at Tuesday’s practice.

He’d just talked about how the Jazz have expectations of making the playoffs and advancing and how they have great team chemistry and how good his communication is with Coach Corbin, when I asked if he was going to watch the Mavericks-Lakers game with any teammates.

6-1 Mo Williams looks like a toddler on his parents’ California Queen while posing on Al Jefferson’s 10-by-12 kingdom-sized bed.

The Jazz host Dallas in Wednesday’s season-opener, so I figured some of the guys might watch it together.

Sure enough, Mo Williams, the 6-foot-1 athlete who had this awesome photo taken of him sprawled out on Jefferson’s enormous bed, was coming over to Jefferson’s to watch some opening-night hoops.

After Jefferson told me I’m “nosey” (he laughed) and informed me that I’m in charge of bringing the food (celery and carrot sticks anyone?), I couldn’t resist asking him if he had a 900-inch television set.

Heck, if I owned a $23,000 bed and could afford it, heaven and my wife know I would have as large of a screen as Sony makes.

Despite rumors, this is not Big Al’s TV set.

“No,” Jefferson said, shaking his head and chuckling about the question. “I’ve got a 12-inch TV.”

I’ve got a 120 square-foot bed to sell you if you believe Al Jefferson actually owns a 12-inch TV.

By the way, Jefferson had one rule for Williams on this night, too. “He’s got to leave his phone and (camera) stuff in the car.”

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