Like Zach Randolph, Al Jefferson may just need a better fit

Al Jefferson and Zach Randolph are extremely similar low post players, so why is one more highly regarded than the other?

Al Jefferson’s career is a mixed bag of great numbers for himself and subpar results for his teams. The Jazz big man is a double-double machine, able to score in the post and crash the boards with an efficiency few can match. When the Jazz acquired him from Minnesota in 2010, many saw it as an upgrade over the older, departed Carlos Boozer. Jefferson, however, has also been … Continue reading»


On Tuesday night Shaquille O’Neal saw his jersey join those of other former Laker centers. Wilt Chamberlain. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. George Mikan. That’s right, four of the top seven or eight centers of all time have donned Laker gold for significant portions of their respective careers. That’s not counting Dwight Howard, who may or may not return to his once dominant Orlando form. Hardly seems fair, does it? That’s … Continue reading»

Jazz searching for answers, but no more than usual

Dnews 0131jazz.spt

Between injuries and voluntary experimentation, Jazz fans have expressed frustration over head coach Tyrone Corbin’s roster/rotation moves. Corbin’s seeming lack of consistency (see Favors’ benching against Milwaukee) has left reporters questioning his decision-making…and Corbin quick to respond. Truth is, however, Utah’s lineup hasn’t been any more inconsistent than in years past. The Jazz opened Wednesday’s loss to Cleveland with, according to, their 13th starting lineup of the … Continue reading»

Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap didn't go anywhere. The Jazz' ability to get something in exchange for one or both of them did. Photo by Tom Smart/Deseret News.

You can’t blame the Jazz for standing pat while everyone else was wheeling and dealing. That certainly wasn’t the case leading up to Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, when the headline names to change addresses were J.J. Redick, Sebastian Telfair and Jordan Crawford. The criticism, from media pundits and fans alike, is that the Jazz didn’t make a move despite being one of the few teams that seemingly needed … Continue reading»


As the Utah Jazz beat writer, my job duties entail traveling wherever the team goes. In any given week, I could be in California’s state capital playing about as many minutes as The Jimmer, writing stories with the Laverne & Shirley theme rattling through my head in Wisconsin or soaking in the scenery and sun of South Beach (uh, I mean laboring diligently in grueling Miami conditions). Three … Continue reading»

Big Al, BIG bed, not-so-big TV

Remember that funny story about Big Al’s big bed? Yeah, of course you do. My wife does, too.¬†The biggest thing she got out of that silliness about Jefferson’s 10-foot-by-12-foot kingdom-sized bed was that our queen-sized mattress set is about two sizes too small. I couldn’t resist poking fun at Jefferson by making a veiled reference to the bed at the end of our interview at Tuesday’s practice. He’d … Continue reading»

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If you’re a Utah Jazz fan, by now you’ve probably heard about the P3 facility in Santa Barbara, Calif. It’s a high-tech performance lab that has a relationship with the Jazz. This past offseason, for instance, 12 Jazz players spent time at the workout center fine-tuning their bodies and getting into tip-top shape. By now, you’ve probably also heard of Derrick Favors. One of YouTube’s original sports network, … Continue reading»

Bad news for Paul Millsap, Big Al Jefferson

The NBA will make an announcement on Wednesday that isn’t likely to help Al Jefferson’s and Paul Millsap’s bid to become All-Stars this season. The All-Star ballot will no longer have one spot for a center and two forward positions but will instead allow fans to vote for three frontcourt players, TNT/ writer David Aldridge¬†reported Tuesday night. Aldridge wrote that the “NBA is finally doing something about the … Continue reading»

Sweet new art of Stockton, Malone and Utah Jazz logo


As somebody who works at a newspaper, a lot of stuff ends up in my inbox. Complaint emails. An occasional compliment. Article suggestions. PR pitches. Links to other people’s work. Spam. Messages from my editors that I treat like spam. This morning I logged on, and noticed something from a company called RareInk. At first, I thought it was going to be some pitch for an article about … Continue reading»

NBA GM survey says … Utah Jazz who?

Alec Burks and Enes Kanter

The results of the annual NBA general manager survey is out, and it seems that the Utah Jazz are flying well under 29 executives’ radars. All 30 GMs participated in’s extensive questionnaire, and Jazz players got about as much attention as South Sevier High School. OK, that was a slight exaggeration. The Rams were given more votes to win the Northwest Division than the Jazz. (Not really, … Continue reading»